Bounding Unicorns


Hi! I'm Oleg. These days I am primarily focused on team effectiveness, performance and engineering management. I believe in iteration and enjoy prototyping as well as quick delivery. In fact, I apply the concepts of iteration and agile processes to most things I do in life. I still write a lot of code, which I prefer to do in Ruby on Rails and React. The up-and-coming tech I am excited about is Elixir, React Native, Go and Docker. I spend a good chunk of my time teaching high performance driving and I am working on fielding an endurance racing team.

Long Version

I worked in many different languages, frameworks and environments. I spent several years in "C/C++" (which is different from both "C" and "C++"), I still remember some 8086 assembly, and I've done Windows development with Win32, MFC and ATL prior to discovering the Web. On the Web I've gone through PHP and Perl to settle on Ruby and Python, subsequently Ruby more than Python. I have extensive experience with relational databases, specifically MySQL and Postgres, as well as non-relational data stores like Mongo and Redis. Sometimes I write HTTP proxies and Chrome extensions for fun.

While most of my jobs involved writing code, I spent a fair amount of my personal time managing servers and doing devops. I run my own mail, I have several dedicated servers hosting my various projects, and I don't shy away from creating efficient build pipeines.

I've also done some frontend development over the years, and with React gaining acceptance I am excited to be spending more of my time on the frontend. I'm equally excited about React Native and the quick mobile development it unlocks.

For the last few years I have been studying management in general and engineering management in particular. The software engineering section of this site is a result of this research. I believe engineering management is unique in working with high performers who are not always recognized as such, and especially in startups are often not used to having managers. It's a fascinating and rewarding challenge to try and figure out.

Contact me via email if you want to chat!