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Qysonic Array Speakers

There appears to be a total of one forum thread for the entire internet with information on these speakers.

I couldn't find any info on your particular model, but I think it's an updated version of the Qysonic Array, built around the late 70's early 80's. The Array had two 8" woofers in a tall, narrow cabinet very much like yours. It used Qysonics patented Laminar flow vent, which was used to kill the back wave from the woofers rather than reinforce it like normal bass-reflex tuning. Apparently they use a series of narrow channels on the rear of the cabinet to release cabinet pressure.

Another of their patents is "critical alignment" of the woofers, spacing the two bass drivers for optimal loading efficiency.

I never got to hear any Qysonics, but reading about them intrigued me back in the 80's. I saw a review on the Qysonic Array, and on the Tad 2 (which was smaller than yours, using two 6 inch woofers in a 30 inch high cabinet) 


Oh, yeah. The Qysonic Array sold for about $450 per speaker. It was their first model to use the Laminar flow venting. 


bluebook says, (as of 2006)

Manufacture Years: 1978 - 1982
MSRP: $960.00
USED: $59.00 

Manufacture Years: 1985 - 1988
MSRP: $900.00
USED: $57.00 


My guess is that the surround is foam with some type of damping coating applied. My Allison Two and Mirage SM-2.5 woofers were made the same way. I'd just replace the surrounds with foam and call it a day. - Mark 


!!! That's It That's It That's It !!!

I have had a pair of the prototypes for like 25 whoops 30 years. Mine are a little different. I have a dome tweeter between the two woofers, and a cone tweeter above but still off to the side of the midrange. The designer was really into smearing stuff on the drivers, which crapped out my original woofers after a while. Too much weight in the dustcap area and it sagged and scraped the voice coils. Replacements were done by a shop in Arizona, and they have been fine ever since. What Mark said about replacement, you'll likely be close.

I have been mentioning them off and on but I guess I never started a thread. Well here it is. I would love to compare yours to mine, and I believe by your location line that we must be in the same Orange County (left coast). I don't know how far east the speakers were distributed, when they had a factory it was in Placentia. I've just dumped all my spare money and time into a car but will have to come up for air for these. Let's have a party !!

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The size of the speaker was set by the length of the back seat of a Studebaker Lark, that is the car the designer fellow had at the time. Therefore mine are 47 inches high, and about a foot square. The crossover is all just slapped together on a board buried in the fiberglass insulation. I wrote it out the one time I pulled it, but values were not printed on some of the caps (I think, it was like 25 years ago) and some of the inductors were hand wound around film cans. Oh, and I have L-pads for the levels on the center tweeter, midrange, and cone tweeter. Have not moved them for a really long time, I bet they would not work. So if you have something like that, could be the culprit on your tweeter, or just a bad one. Pull and swap it with the other one? 


The mid- and tweeter look to be the same drivers used by RTR. I know they were a CA manufacturer and that they made some OEM parts, but I'm under the impression the tweeters are Peerless (same as used in some of the McIntosh speakers). Do they have that tiny little alnico magnet with the U-shaped yoke?


My tweeters are "Polydax", made in France, appear to be soft dome 8-9 ohm. 


I am the original designer of the Qysonic (and later Lantana) speakers, including the Array, Tad, Spree, Laug, Mink and Sable systems. I can assist you or anyone else with questions about these speakers, including repair tips. Note: The "Model 4" that is mentioned was probably made by my partner after I left the company, but I believe I could help with that model as well. If anyone else has Qusonic or Lantana speakers, I would like to hear from them. I am about to begin to produce them again (in small quantities). 


I own a pair a Qysonic Array's. I love these speakers. After some research really willing to keep these speakers in good working condition i figured out that the tweeters are Polydax "Made in france", now the

"Audax TW025A0 1" Textile Dome "

The Midrange drivers are the:
"SEAS Prestige CA12RCY (H1152) 4.5" Coated Paper Cone"

I'm am still striving to find out what the wooferers are but there is no writing on them at all. We have fixed the woofer's surround with a rubbery compound like material. They sound good but not as good as they should, the viscousity or something aint quite right. I dont mind buying new woofers but attempts have been made to do so and they sounded very bad. As expected even the midrange sounded wrong when other woofers were used. I cant really do anything not knowing the specs on the woofers.


Ask and you shall receive. I have a pair of Qysonic Array Towers that have been in my famliy since the mid 70's. They are easily the finest sounding speakers I have ever laid an ear on. I contacted Tad Dad about refurbishing my towers and wound up having him build me 3 "Tads" that I use as my 3 front Home Theatre speakers. They are unbelievable for both 5.1 and 2 channel. I still believe there is no finer sounding speaker than Qysonic Arrays.

Tad Dad will help, Im sure, just as he did for me.

Here is his info.

Mark Merlino (Tad Dad)


I knew Mark when he was working on the Studebaker Lark, from when it was all disassembled in his parent's backyard with a rusted out passenger side floor all the way to winning awards at car meets. We met the summer of '70 when we were both out of highschool. It was at my first meeting of the Orange County Amateur Astronomers Association (now simply Orange County Astronomers). He was giving a demo on holographic photography. I can't believe it was so long ago, I'm 65 now. Time has been shooting by.

I didn't know that tidbit about the reason the Towers were as tall as they were.

That Laminar Flow Vent of his was cool and cheap to make consisting of two sheets of orange corrugated plastic on top of each other. Same thing with his doped cones on the speakers. I watched him make the stuff in the early days, using chewed up erasers and (I think) rubber cement to stiffen the paper cones.

There were the Towers, the Tads and tiny ones half the size of the Tads (can't think of what he named them (Tad Mini's?) but they also sounded great) All his speakers were mirrored pairs I believe. 


The mid looks exactly like the mid in my T&A Stratos P-30 speakers. Can anyone confirm? I had to have the surrounds replaced a few months ago. Replacement drivers would be great.