Bounding Unicorns

Onkyo SKW-550


  • 10" driver, down firing, rubber surround, inverted dust cap
  • Front ported
  • Adjustable volume level
  • Crossover frequency not adjustable
  • Line level input only

Listening Impressions

This subwoofer does not play as low as my good quality towers, for example the Definitive BP-8. It's sold as part of a "home theater in a box", HT-R550. When combined with satellite speakers it would definitely do something, but I found this subwoofer to be useless with quality towers. In my environment it bumps mid to upper bass while doing nothing for the low bass and thus creates an unevenness in overall frequency response which does not sound good and, therefore, is not desired.

I removed the driver and listened to the driver full range in open air. It sounded like a mid-bass driver.