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Bluetooth Pair Using A Fixed PIN On Linux

This page provides instructions that are supposed to work in principle. However, when I try to set sspmode to 0 I get an error:

scratch# hciconfig hci0 sspmode 0
Can't set Simple Pairing mode on hci0: Input/output error (5)

My Bluetooth card identifies itself thusly:

[14764.937490] usb 1-2.1: new full-speed USB device number 5 using ehci-pci
[14765.046874] usb 1-2.1: New USB device found, idVendor=0bda, idProduct=8771, bcdDevice= 2.00
[14765.046898] usb 1-2.1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
[14765.046908] usb 1-2.1: Product: Bluetooth Radio
[14765.046916] usb 1-2.1: Manufacturer: Realtek
[14765.046922] usb 1-2.1: SerialNumber: 00E04C239987
[14765.053548] Bluetooth: hci0: RTL: examining hci_ver=0a hci_rev=000b lmp_ver=0a lmp_subver=8761
[14765.054519] Bluetooth: hci0: RTL: rom_version status=0 version=1
[14765.054531] Bluetooth: hci0: RTL: loading rtl_bt/rtl8761bu_fw.bin
[14765.054692] bluetooth hci0: firmware: direct-loading firmware rtl_bt/rtl8761bu_fw.bin
[14765.054776] Bluetooth: hci0: RTL: loading rtl_bt/rtl8761bu_config.bin
[14765.054842] bluetooth hci0: firmware: direct-loading firmware rtl_bt/rtl8761bu_config.bin
[14765.054917] Bluetooth: hci0: RTL: cfg_sz 6, total sz 20522
[14765.178717] Bluetooth: hci0: RTL: fw version 0x0999646b

It's a "Bluetooth 5.0" USB adapter I got from Amazon.

This extremely useful article (mirrored here explains that when SSP is used, there is no way to use a fixed mode, and from this article I surmise that my hardware is incapable of non-SSP operation.

Bluetooth agent code for fixed pin