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How To Get Install DotJS On Pale Moon

DotJS does work on Pale Moon (27.7.2 as of this writing), though the process for getting it installed is not easy to figure out.

There are two steps:

  1. Install the Moon Tester Tool add-on.
  2. Download a version of DotJS and save the .xpi file locally.
  3. Navigate to Tools -> Add-ons -> Moon Tester Tool and use "Install Test Add-on" facility to install the .xpi file downloaded in the previous step.

Then put some files in ~/.js and give it a try!


My understanding of the situation is as follows:

Initially extensions were what is now called Toolkit extensions. Extensions developed in this manner had a fair amount of required boilerplate/configuration.

At a later point in time, Mozilla came up with Jetpack extensions which required much less boilerplate. These extensions were supported natively in Pale Moon prior to version 27.

Pale Moon 27.0 removed support for Jetpack extensions.

Pale Moon 21.1 reinstated support for Jetpack extensions via something called PMKit. However, attempting to install a Jetpack extension still produces the message "dotjs could not be installed because it is a Jetpack/SDK extension which are not supported in Pale Moon 27.7.2".

But, Moon Tester Tool add-on is seemingly able to install Jetpack extensions just fine.