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How To Specify ALSA Device with UxPlay

To specify the ALSA device with UxPlay:

uxplay -as 'alsasink device=hw:1' 

References: here and here.

UxPlay (version 1.61.1) does not appear to provide any diagnostics when the audio output from it is not working, for example in the following scenarios:

  • The user running UxPlay does not have permissions to access the audio devices.
  • A non-existent audio device is specified (for example, hw:2 when there is only one card in the system).

There is similarly no diagnostics I found which would indicate which card is being used for audio output. For example, if /etc/asound.conf specifies that the default card is 1, and UxPlay produces no sound, I couldn't determine whether this was because UxPlay/gstreamer disregarded this configuration and tried to play to card 0 which is HDMI output not attached to anything.